Yaara Bar was born in Tel-Aviv to a unique family. Growing up surrounded by art, she was 'infected' by creativity. It was only natural for her to embark on a journey to find her own voice, unique style, and perspective.


She was recruited to lead the Department of Video and Graphics of the Israeli Defense Force, where she gained maturity, independence and resilience. After her service, Yaara majored in Visual Communication at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Her experience gave her a profound understanding of the power of visual communication and its ability to tell a story, convey a message, and emotionally move an audience.

Since graduating from Bezalel, Yaara has worked as a freelancer for projects ranging from graphic to motion design. In search of impactful mediums that would offer an immersive experience to a larger audience, Yaara chose to embark on a M.F.A in Projections Design from the prestigious Yale School of Drama.

During her studies, she has been involved in many productions and collaborations with leading national and international artists in theater, music, installation and dance.

Yaara is passionate about the arts as a universal language, which serves as a platform for meaningful conversations and experiences, offering an opportunity to develop empathy and change consciousness among a community.



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Performance Design, Installation & Graphic Design