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Concept Development

Lighting Design

Costume Design 

Graphic Design


Directed: Carmel Bar and Michal Evyatar

Production:  Batel Dotan

Lighting Designer: Yaara Bar

Costume Designer: Yaara Bar

Graphic Designer: Yaara Bar

Video design:  Guy Erlich

Sound:  Carmel Bar

Stands production:  Aviel Abudraham
Building experts:  Ronnie Halevy and Tom Alkalay
Builders:  David Pinto, Roei Sandovsky
Excavators:  Ofri Omer, Eynav Rosolio,

Yotam Ben- Horin
Restorers:  Guy Aon, Sia Preminger, Kaynan Basel, Michal Ben Yeuda, Itamar Banai, Chi Tazuro
Interviewees:  Dr. Guy Stiebel,  Dr. Uri Mayer-Chissick



This interactive piece invited audiences to learn about the process of using salt to preserve fish, which played a major role in ancient Israel's culinary tradition and trade. For the performance, 15 tons of salt were brought to Jerusalem. Fish that were pressed in salt were extracted from salty walls and brought back to life using restoration facilities.
The installation highlighted questions about the mechanisms individuals and communities (and specifically the Jewish community) use to uphold the past. In addition, we explored questions regarding what individuals choose to conserve, and who makes those choices. 5000 visitors a day engaged in Jerusalem’s history through this exciting sensory experience.
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